Man Goes On Open Carry Walk

Okay, this fellow is obviously expecting to be detained by the police.  He goes on an ‘open carry’ walk along what seems to be a busy roadway, then has the nerve to ask the police why they are trying to question him.  I do support the second amendment rights, but at the same time I am also a supporter to the police trying to do theiur job; When they get calls in that there is an armed man walking around carrying a couple of weapons, OF COURSE they are going to try and figure out what is going on, whether or not he represents a danger.

I think he should have answered their question as to what his name was.  Just because a guy says he has a legal right to carry the weapons, it doesn’t mean that he is telling the truth.  I’m sure every criminal out there would say the exact same thing if they knew that was all it took for the police to leave them alone.

Also, the guy titles huis video in a very suggestive way, “Held At Gunpoint With Shotgun” doesn’t really tell the whole story.  But, “Officers Responding To An Armed Man Carrying Weapons Openly” might not get as many eyeballs.

But anyway, if you are a 2nd rights proponent, you should probably watch this video and decide whether you think this IS or IS NOT the proper way to get your message out to the public.

i, for one, think the message being sent is the wrong one.