Shit.tv is a resource for great videos that stun you in one way of another.  We personally review and hand pick the videos selected on this site from a variety of original sources.  We also add commentary with personal insight and facts on topics wherever we can, to flesh out your experience.

We will, during your visit, attempt to scare you, gross you out, make you laugh or in general entertain you with our selections.  We do not promise that you will not vomit after watching a few of the videos included here.  In fact, we would consider that a nice bonus if you had to clean off your keyboard and desk.

What you will not find on this site is any porno or nakidity.  Make no mistake, we set the bar pretty low, but we aren’t gutterfolk, after all, so you pervs need to seek shelter elsewhere.

If you have any ideas for videos that you think we should add to our site, please feel free to email your suggestions to wtf@shit.tv , we will get right on it.

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