All The Shit That's Fit To Print

Gazelle Plays Dead To Escape From Certain Death

Gazelle Thug Life

Jon Lajoie, Regular Everyday Normal Guy

Jon Lajoie, Everyday Normal Guy

It's raining whale meat.

Dead Whale vs. 1,000 Pounds of Dynamite.

Man Uses Leg As Bait To Capture Anaconda.

Man Uses Leg As Bait To Catch Anaconda


Politician Saying One Thing Doing Another

Police Chase A Lumber Truck

Incredible Video Of Police Chasing A Lumber Truck

Chicken Hawk Attacks A Drone!

Angry Bird – Chicken Hawk Attacks Drone

Worlds Most Wanted Commercial.  Funny Hot Dog Commercial.

Worlds Most Wanted Weiner

Dogs greet soldiers as they come home.

Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Back

2nd rights activist goes on an open carry walk, essentially hoping, IMO, that he will be detained by police.

Man Goes On Open Carry Walk

Chihuahua dog attempting to mate with a big dog that just seems to be standing there, waiting patiently, lol.

And The Winner In The “Giving It All” Category is…..

Best dancing dog video, ever.

Dest Dancing Dog We’ve Ever Seen

Underwater Divers Get Their Fish Stolen... By A Fish.

Fish Steals A Fish

Porn Star Gives Favor To Get Out Of A Ticket

Cop Gives Ticket To Porn Star

U.S. Government Waste.  Porkbarrel spending.

More Government Waste